Rack mount computer cases: Data cabling for beginners

What is the wiring? The wiring is the foundation for its network, which means that all computers and servers to one another and is rack mount computer cases probably one of the most important and often overlooked in corporate networks. The process begins with the installation of a twisted-pair cable consists of twisted son of a protective cover for the connection of data lines, a component of your computer or network surrounded. The cable through ceilings and walls, out of sight, and a data connection and put the phone on a review Termination panels, or block often installed in a rack mount computer cases in the server room or closet telecommunications. In short, the cabling used to connect computers to form a common network and communicate seamlessly with each other.

Anatomy of a typical office cabling:

The cable will start his journey endpoint Central or MDF () and covers rack mount computer cases, the rack mount computer cases construction of a wall socket. The issue ends with a trapezoidal shape (RJ-45) use for the type of cable you. A cable used to connect the RJ-45 regional jobs (WAO) to a computer or other network devices such as a device to connect the VoIP telephone. In the server room, MDF, or cabinet telcom cables were ends in a patch panel and adjusted the figures to ensure easy identification. A wall or floor mounted rack (usually 19 “wide) you can keep the patch panel to the design of spaces and spatial Requirements. Finally, tests of cable to be done to ensure that everything can be done in good condition and certification tests to ensure compliance with the industry standard once to ensure that your rack mount computer cases office is connected correctly to increase the efficiency of safe and additions or changes in the cabling system that is easy to reach. So, how do you start? There are many variables that must be considered before starting. The first is the type of cable is used. There are several cables Species and proper use is essential. As technology advances, wire protocols, faster and better.

CAT3 – An rack mount computer cases, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) configured to transfer data up to 10 Mbit / overhauled s with a bandwidth of 16 MHz to people as possible in the early 1990s but is now regarded as rejected in popularity because of the preference for High Performance CAT5. CAT5 – A twisted-pair high signal integrity, capable of holding up to 100 MHz spectrum in a Category 5 cable has four twisted pairs in a single jacket. This use of balanced lines helps preserve a rack mount computer cases, high signal rack mount computer cases, to noise and interference reduces interference. CAT5e – An enhanced version rack mount computer cases of Class 5 interference increases end specifications and all new plants must be at least CAT5e CAT6 – An Ethernet cable for Gigabit and structure of the network protocol that is compatible with additional CAT3, CAT5 and CAT5e. rack mount computer cases CAT6 characteristics crunch levels Interference and noise system. CAT6 performance provides up to 250 MHz Cat6a – Enhanced CAT6, Cat6a operates at frequencies up to 500 MHz and 10 Gbit operation / s to a maximum distance of 100 meters to take. Cat6a also improving the environment, especially in the area of disturbance. CAT7 – compatible with CAT5 and CAT6. CAT7 more stringent specifications for crosstalk CAT6 or CAT6. Screening for individual and son pair cable as a whole has been to achieve this goal. CAT7 was created to allow 10 – Gigabit Ethernet over 100 meters of copper’s son, and is suitable for operation at frequencies up to 600 MHz.After you have selected your required speed cable, you must determine what type of jacket is for their particular structure, the wiring of the installation requires:

Plenum – Plenum is a type of cable jacket not only extremely resistant to fire, but also emits less toxic rack mount computer cases fumes in a fire. Some buildings and Building codes may prevent this precaution in the event of a fire. rack mount computer cases The full name, air conditioning, air conditioners are used in buildings, to remove air from an area beyond and installed in another. If not found in the poisonous smoke into the air, imagine how rack mount computer cases quickly that can be pumped through an office building with some of these systems use large suction. Air distribution in the bed, the toxicity of a disaster, as it would be very much lower PVC, but complete, it can be almost two rack mount computer cases, times more expensive than standard PVC. PVC – PVC is standard, the standard cable jacket is rack mount computer cases, extremely profitable if you are on a tight budget. Although not as secure as the lining of the heart, PVC runs at the same speed and quality is the same cable. The only difference, rack mount computer cases but the cost would be the material of the PVC jacket is extremely toxic when burned. For normal home use, the PVC can not be a bad choice, but a people business, office or a large public service rack mount computer cases as a hospital or library is PVC a recipe for disaster by a combination of HVAC systems and the high number of people who are exposed to toxic factors fumes.Another important consideration is the type roof you have in your building. This will directly affect how the wiring is installed.

False ceiling – with a suspended ceiling, the wiring is as easy as dragging a tile roof open and operate the cable. This type of roof The cables are easily hidden and is working to the least difficult and most important is the type of roof in most commercial buildings. Sunroof – an open ceiling requires great attention to detail is that the pipes and beams are exposed and the time should be devoted to aesthetic wiring. Hardtop rack mount computer cases – If you have a fixed roof, wiring, the most difficult. Wiring a hardtop is a plus, although a wire from the ceiling so that it expensive and time consuming job. Only a few commercial buildings hardtops, but almost all the houses do.Whoa! A lot of information, is not it? What cable should I use? Where do I start? The best meets my needs? Do not feel obligated to understand it all by themselves, but to support reliable and easy to be in contact with those in Singapore

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By: Brandon Michael
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